Who We Are

The Healthy Being Family
Healthy Being is a group of between 15-30 health enthusiasts, farmers, scientists, organics, and people who formed in 1993 in Tacoma, Washington.  We say between 15-30 because over our 17-year existence, members have come and gone due to financial situations, deaths, births, new job opportunities, changes of interest, and many other reasons.  The internet, however, has made it much easier to connect with our members globally and we hope to expand our studies and views to a more international market.

Since 1993, Healthy Being has worked for many healthy causes.  Events we've been involved with in the past include the [infamous] Hormone Free Milk Rally in Fresno, CA; the Free Range Festival in Portland, OR; the Trans Fat Protest in New York, NY; and the Fruit Fiesta in Santa Fe, NM.

Our goal is to promote healthy living to as many individuals as we can so that everyone can live life happily.  Though we haven't agreed on a motto yet, one that we like and have almost selected many times is the following:

Happy Heart, Healthy Mind.

We actually tried copyrighting that motto a few years back, but in the middle of the copyright process our founder, Greg Glump, died while overdosing on over-the-counter painkillers.  Since his untimely passing, Shea Luffnig has taken over executive responsibilities and has been working on spreading the Healthy Being mission to the world!